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AI chat crypto wallet, simplified for everyone

Payton is a fully self-custodial cryptocurrency wallet, powered by ERC-4337. Free yourself of seed phrases.

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Social Recovery

Ensure the security of your wallet with the aid of your friends

2 Factor Authentication

Secure your transaction with an extra layer of protection

Pay for gas without ETH

Never worry about paying gas again

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One-click entry.

No more time-consuming and complicated process of entering and exiting liquidity pools, staking pools, and other DeFi positions with Payton's one-click position entry/exit. With this innovative solution, you can easily and quickly enter or exit your positions within seconds, eliminating the need to navigate through complex multi-step processes. Save time and simplify your DeFi trading experience with Payton's user-friendly interface.

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Spend your crypto directly.

You can use your cryptocurrency to make purchases at any business that accepts debit cards, without the need for traditional banks. With Payton, you can easily pay directly with your crypto assets using your Payton Debit Card, eliminating the hassle of converting crypto to fiat. Say goodbye to the complexities of traditional banking and experience the convenience of Payton today.

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Move money on-chain easily.

Transferring funds to and from your wallet can be done with ease and speed. No more waiting for transactions to complete or navigating through complex procedures to access your funds. Make your financial transactions effortless and hassle-free with Payton.

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