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Streamlining Crypto Checkout Payments: A Step-by-Step Demo with Payton

· 2 min read
Tian Pan

Today we are glad to announce the Payton demo mode now available at Payton is still a work in progress. We are adding pay-in, payout, and team management features. However, here is a demo of what we are working with the company network3 to pilot the crypto checkout use case.

Getting Started

Upon logging in, you'll be greeted with the Home dashboard, presenting a snapshot of your organization's recent activities. This dashboard serves as your command center, offering insights and quick access to various functionalities.

Navigate to the Products section via the side navigation to discover a list of previously registered products. Here, you can effortlessly manage your offerings, setting names and prices to align with your business strategy.

The Checkout Experience

After tailoring your product details, the Checkout button will lead you to the next step. The checkout page is where the magic happens: add your contact information, select your preferred cryptocurrency, and send tokens to the designated address. It's as simple as that.

Following payment confirmation, the checkout session concludes, smoothly transitioning customers to their next interaction.

Advanced Integration: Listening for Payment Success

For developers aiming to integrate payment notifications, the Developers tab is your go-to. Input your webhook URL to receive HTTP POST requests upon successful transactions, keeping your server in the loop.

The request body follows a structured format, ensuring you receive pertinent information without hassle:

interface IPaytonWebhook {
id: string;
type: "invoice.payment_succeeded";
data: {
customerEmail: string;
planId: string;

Wrapping Up

Our demo offers just a glimpse into the efficient, user-friendly world of crypto checkouts facilitated by Payton. We're on a mission to refine and enhance this product, making digital payments more accessible than ever. Keep an eye on our Twitter for the latest updates and breakthroughs in crypto payment solutions.